April 4th - 5th
  Who: High School and College Ages Athletes  
  Location: Tuscaloosa Tennis Center  
  General Public: $50 per Division
College & High School Student: $25 per Division
Players may play a maximum of two events/day but those events may not be in the same division

This event is the 5th annual Tuscaloosa Spring Swing tournament, an adult and junior tennis tournament for the city of Tuscaloosa. Tournament play will take place April 4th and 5th with the singles tournament Saturday only, and Doubles tournament Sunday only. This non-sanctioned event is open to all ages and skill levels, including NTRP singles and doubles divisions from 2.5 to Open. This tournament brought in 115 players in 2019. The tournament proceeds will benefit the Alabama Wheelchair Tennis Team. The Spring Swing format will be 8-game pro-sets with a three-match minimum guarantee. Your entry will include lunch, tournament t-shirt, and trophies for the first and second-place finishers. 

Ways To Donate

Can't make the event? Click the link to "play not to play" and support the team in their fundraising efforts!

Marketing packages are also available for purchase for local businesses, including: 
  • Company banner
  • Website exposure
  • Paying for an on-site table

Players may play a maximum of two events/day but those events may not be in the same division
(example: women's 2.5 and women's 3.0 or two mixed doubles).

Saturday Singles (April 4th, 2020):
Boys' 18 Singles
Boys' 16 Singles
Boys' 14 Singles
Girls' 18 Singles
Girls' 16 Singles
Girls' 14 Singles
NTRP Men's Open Singles
NTRP Men's 2.5 Singles
NTRP Men's 3.0 Singles
NTRP Men's 3.5 Singles
NTRP Men's 4.0 Singles
NTRP Men's 4.5 Singles
NTRP Women's Open Singles
NTRP Women's 2.5 Singles
NTRP Women's 3.0 Singles
NTRP Women's 3.5 Singles
NTRP Women's 4.0 Singles
NTRP Women's 4.5 Singles
Sunday Doubles (April 5th, 2020):
Boys' 18 Doubles
Boys' 16 Doubles
Boys' 14 Doubles
Girls' 18 Doubles
Girls' 16 Doubles
Girls' 14 Doubles
NTRP Men's Open Doubles
NTRP Men's 2.5 Doubles
NTRP Men's 3.0 Doubles
NTRP Men's 3.5 Doubles
NTRP Men's 4.0 Doubles
NTRP Men's 4.5 Doubles
NTRP Women's Open Doubles
NTRP Women's 2.5 Doubles
NTRP Women's 3.0 Doubles
NTRP Women's 3.5 Doubles
NTRP Women's 4.0 Doubles
NTRP Women's 4.5 Doubles
NTRP Mixed Open Doubles
NTRP Mixed 2.5 Doubles
NTRP Mixed 3.0 Doubles
NTRP Mixed 3.5 Doubles
NTRP Mixed 4.0 Doubles
NTRP Mixed 4.5 Doubles
Up/Down Doubles (Saturday, April 4th & Sunday, April 5th, 2020):
Up/Down Doubles


If you have any questions, contact the tournament director, Evan Enquist, at eaenquist@ua.edu or (507) 269-8587